Customer Service - Belanger Cassino Coulston & Gallagher

The two most valuable customer services a law firm can offer are accessibility and excellent client communications. Mark Coulston excels at both.

“I take a personal interest in every file. Every file is my responsibility, and if every file is my responsibility, then the standard gets applied to each file. The bottom line is me.” Mark Coulston
Labour Employment Lawyer – Belanger, Casino, Coulston and Gallagher

“The client gets a copy of every letter I write on their behalf,” says Coulston. “The client knows everything that is going on.”

For Coulston, too, customer service includes considering the viability of the case and giving the client sound advice. “I think you canvass the settlement opportunities before you have your client spend a lot of money on legal costs, not after you have had your client spend a pile of money on legal costs.”

Coulston encourages people to come to him with their settlement packages. With over twenty years of experience, he can quickly assess the opportunities for negotiations. “They will spend an hour with me and I will turn to them and say, ‘You know what; this is fair. You don’t need to spend any more money on me.’ They don’t ever feel they have wasted their time or their money coming in. They appreciate the comfort of knowing that they are being treated fairly. I tell them, ‘You don’t want to spend any more money. You don’t need me.’ That is a great outcome.”