Firm - Belanger Cassino Coulston & Gallagher

The London firm of Belanger, Cassino, Coulston, and Gallagher was founded in 1978 by Terry Belanger and Doug Cassino. The founders, who are experts in Corporate Real Estate and Estate Law, are an active part of the practice today.

Mark Coulston and Scott Gallagher joined the firm in 1996 to do the litigation of the practice. Says Coulston, “We joined them because of their philosophy; we don’t run a significant overhead here, and by not doing so, we are able to provide good legal service at very reasonable rates.”

Coulston adds, “We are four lawyers working in association with one another, so when I manage the Employment and Labour Department, that is my own department and that is the one thing that clients can count on. If you retain this firm for an Employment and Labour matter, you get me.”

What Mark Coulston offers his Employment Law clients:

  • Service. Coulston’s priority is client service. In the initial interview he quickly assesses damages and gives his client a reasonable expectation of their rights and remedies.
  • Experience. Coulston has been practising in Employment Law since 1986.
  • Insight. Coulston has worked for management and unions corporations and employees. He quickly gets to the root of conflicts because he knows the factors that are important to both sides.