Leadership - Belanger Cassino Coulston & Gallagher

Coulston is a well-known expert in his field of Employment Law and has earned a lasting reputation among the other law firms in London Ontario.

“The most telling factor from a market leadership standpoint is the number of referrals that I get from other very experienced and leading employment lawyers in the city of London.” Mark Coulston
Labour Employment Lawyer – Belanger, Casino, Coulston and Gallagher

Because lawyers in the London area respect Coulston’s work, he receives a growing number of referrals from law firms that may have a conflict of interest and have to refer out.

Also, within the community, Coulston has been called by the local television station for legal opinions and interviews on employment issues. The station, A Channel, sought his opinions on the shutting down of the local McCormick’s plant and his view on the early retirement packages offered by Ford at their Fort Talbotville Plant in St. Thomas.

Coulston, as a market leader, decided he would always ensure that his clients were completely aware of their bottom line. “I can’t think of a case in which there have really been any surprises to a client. I don’t know how a client can make a decision on settlement without knowing what the bottom line is going to be for them. They need to be able to make an informed decision, a completely informed decision.”