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The majority of Coulston’s files are termination files – Wrongful dismissal and Constructive Dismissal. Years of experience have taught him the best way to advise his clients, right from the first interview. To ensure that his clients have sufficient information to mitigate damages, Coulston advises them to protect themselves by keeping a diary of every effort they make to find alternate employment. This small step can prevent costly litigation and quickly open the door to an agreeable settlement.

“I do know what I do for clients and that is I give prompt response. I look for the best resolution available for the client in the most cost-effective manner possible. It’s a question of meeting the client’s needs. I want to get a positive result.” Mark Coulston
Labour Employment Lawyer – Belanger, Casino, Coulston and Gallagher

Coulston has identified the most common error made by employers. Though they provide the minimum for their terminated employees as determined by the Employment Standards Act, they often do not consider their commitments under Common Law. When clients consult Coulston, this is the first aspect of the termination package that is considered. “Sometimes I find myself having to educate the employer when I make the call or write the letter. They think that an offer under the Employment Standards Act is all they have to do.”

Coulston has also represented unions and employee groups and helped draft employment agreements. He knows what employers go through in tough situations. Understanding both sides of labour issues gives Coulston a depth of understanding that informs his work for his clients everyday. He can, as he says, “get to the heart of things a lot more quickly because I know the general needs and obligations of each side”