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Call to Bar, 1979
LL.B., University of Windsor, 1977
B.Sc., University of Western Ontario, 1974

Criminal Lawyers Association
York Region Law Association
Christian Legal Fellowship


“I didn’t set out to become a criminal defence lawyer,” explains Dennis Reeve. “When I was going through law school, I did not want to do criminal law. I didn’t think I had the type of personality for that.” Those plans were forever altered when Dennis began his legal career by articling for the law firm of Clive Bynoe, one of the most respected cross-examiners in Ontario.

Dennis readily admits that those early days of his criminal defence career were a little intimidating. “The first time I appeared in court, it was pretty scary,” he says, “but soon, I found that I had developed a genuine interest in it. I was intrigued by the challenge and excitement of it.” During his work with Bynoe, Dennis gained invaluable insight into many aspects of criminal law, from speaking skills to legal and procedural expertise.

He went on to build a successful career in criminal law, and has seen both sides of the justice system, working as a Crown Attorney as well as a criminal defence lawyer. This depth of experience has helped Dennis Reeve to become a force to be reckoned with in the Newmarket legal community.

Dennis Reeve’s Philosophy

Dennis Reeve also credits Bynoe with instilling in him the priorities that have become the cornerstone of his legal practice: integrity and professionalism. He believes in open communication and honesty. He says, “I want my clients to understand what is happening and why. Those interpersonal relationships are so important, because I can’t do my job unless my clients have trust in me, and the way to garner trust is to be honest with them. I prefer to tell them bad news if it is required, rather than make unrealistic promises.”

It is a formula that appears to have worked; since beginning his legal career in general practice in 1979, Dennis Reeve moved on to solely concentrate on criminal defence law, and he has never looked back. The result is thousands of successful cases under his belt. To this day, he approaches each new case with the same determination, energy, and desire to see justice done and to improve his clients’ lives.

Dennis Reeve: Experience, Expertise, and Commitment

Dennis Reeve gained considerable experience as Assistant Crown Attorney in all trial locations for the Greater Toronto Area, as well as the Ontario Superior Court level. This work has given him valuable insight on how cases are prosecuted, greatly enhancing his ability to forge an effective defence or negotiate an effective plea bargain deal on behalf of his clients.

Dennis has also been active as an educator, working in Lithuania giving seminars and lectures to police, prosecutors, and law students regarding domestic violence law and procedures followed by the Attorney General of Ontario. He is also active with a number of community charities, including Youth Unlimited, SCA International, Janz Team Ministries, and the Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada.

ReeveLaw Barristers

Today, Dennis Reeve knows that his decision to pursue criminal defence law was the right one. He enjoys the excitement and the challenge of being in court and protecting his clients’ legal rights.

The lawyers of ReeveLaw have over 60 years of combined experience in criminal law, and have worked hard to establish a solid reputation as formidable opponents in court, as well as effective negotiators when it comes to plea bargains. David Hobson and Dennis Reeve both have served as Crown Attorneys as well as defence lawyers; this unique perspective enables them to protect their clients’ rights and to craft the best defence on behalf of each client. They are committed to putting their years of experience to work for you. Their offices are located at 34 Eagle Street, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 1J1, or they can be reached by calling (905) 895-6528.